Alcohol Sales


The Licensing Act 2003. 

No special arrangements are necessary if:

    • A hirer runs a free bar. A number of close friends can decide to share the cost of running a free bar, but at no time during the event must alcohol be sold or money change hands for alcohol.
    • Guests visiting a party or event can bring their own alcohol.
    • Samples are provided free at, say a wine tasting event. Orders for wine can be taken and paid for, but the wine must be delivered after the event.
    • If you are holding a raffle alcohol can be used as prices provided it is not consumed or the price is not won by a child* (under 18). We suggest having spare soft drinks for this purpose or holding a separate raffle for children.


Special arrangements are necessary if you sell alcohol at your event, even if it is an event is only for relatives and close friends, or the price of the ticket includes an alcoholic drink.

At Poppleton Road Memorial Hall, there is one option available to you for the sale of alcohol. This is explained below.

You will arrange your own Temporary Events Notice to sell alcohol by completing and submitting an application form obtainable from Licensing¬†Services, City of York Council, 9 St Leonard’s Place, YO1 7ET tel: (01904) 552512 or by email to

The forms can also be downloaded from the Council website Licensing page

Please note that two copies of the form must be returned to the Council Licensing section, plus one each to the Council’s Environmental Protection Unit and North Yorkshire Police, Licensing Section, Fulford Road York YO10 4BY

This will cost you £21, which is payable to the City of York Council. Applications must be made a minimum of 10 clear working days before the event.

There is a limit of 12 TENS (15 from 01.01.16) that will be issued by the Council for events in the Hall each year, and hence this option may not be available to you. .