Audio Visual & Internet

The Hall has a ceiling-mounted digital projector, drop down screen and audio speakers. These may be used for laptop and DVD presentations. Note the projector has only VGA input. If your laptop has only HDMI output, please  bring an appropriate converter lead.  

Free superfast Wifi is available throughout the Hall. This is not password protected and is free to all users. A firewall is incorporated, to prevent access to inappropriate sites. The service is provided for Community benefit by City of York Council.

The Hall’s Internet User Policy is shown below, and especially bans on line gaming and other high capacity data transfer.

  • The Hall does not have a TV/Radio License. Hence hirers may only watch or record radio/tv transmissions using their own device such as a laptop, tablet or phone. This must be battery powered and a TV Licence must be held for their home address. This is because of the way TV Licensing legislation is worded.

• Devices which are only ever used to watch CCTV, DVDs or videos, are exempt.

Internet. Acceptable Use Policy for affiliates and private hirers.

The Memorial Hall is committed to the provision of access to information and resources for the wider community in whatever format is most appropriate. In response to advances in technology, the changing needs of the voluntary sector and within the context of our wider information service, we offer free public access to the Internet.

We do not deny legitimate access to information by any member of the public, but recognises that such a resource is potentially open to misuse and abuse. The following policy has been produced in order to safeguard the interests of our service and those who use it.

1. Internet access is free of charge during normal opening hours and is available to Hall users. Where possible, we will offer general guidance and support for those using the service. Charges will be imposed for any printing services that become available.

2. If we supply public access laptops or PC’s, these are password protected to prevent unauthorised access. Any user found interfering with virus protection or other software, computer settings, hardware or associated printing and scanning equipment will be barred from subsequent use of the IT facilities.

3.Users should be aware that the internet is not a secure medium, and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding the user’s activities.

4. The Memorial Hall is bound by the Data Protection Act and will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by our IT users, except as required by law or for the purpose of the management of the users use of our services.

5. Users are required to act responsibly whilst using the Internet and not to attempt to download information which may be illegal or offensive to other users. This could include pornographic, racist, sexist hatred or homophobic material plus items which create discrimination that is contrary to our Equal Opportunities Policy.

Possession of certain types of unsuitable material can lead to prosecution by the police. We reserve the right to refuse further internet access to any individuals accessing or distributing materials which are deemed to be illegal or unacceptable.

6. Downloaded information must only be saved to personal machines or storage media. It must not be saved to the hard drive or other storage media of public access machines.

7. Downloading of high volume data such as streaming video and on-line gaming is prohibited.

8. Children aged under 8 will be allowed internet access only if accompanied by a parent, activity supervisor or legal guardian, and children and young people between the ages of 8 and 15 will be allowed internet access provided that a parent or legal guardian has agreed on their behalf. Our firewall control access to information but we cannot be held responsible for any downloaded content.

9. Web based e-mail may be sent or received via public access or users own machines, but we are unable to pick up or send mail on behalf of members of the public.

10. Users must not utilise information found on the Internet as though it is their own work – this contravenes copyright rules.All users will be responsible for any information retrieved from the Internet under the provisions of existing copyright legislation. We do not accept responsibility for the nature, or the accuracy of the information and data accessed.

11. Our router has a firewall, and public access machines may have similar software. It is the responsibility of users to similarly protect their personal machines from such attacks, and we do not accept any responsibility for any subsequent damage caused by malicious software. It is the responsibility of users to alert a member of staff if a virus warning is received, or if there are other technical problems.