Poppleton Road Memorial Hall Conditions Of Hire and Use

1. DEFINITIONS. a) “The Committee” refers to the Committee for the time being, of Poppleton Road Memorial Hall.

b) “The Hall”  refers to the building, rear garden and car parks.

c) “The Hirer” refers to the signatory for Occasional bookings, and to regular user groups of the Hall.

2. ADMISSION.  The Committee may reasonably refuse the admission of any person to the Hall, and similarly require any person to leave the Hall.

3. BOOKING FEES. Occasional hirers are requested to pay these to the Booking  Secretary, before the hire period begins, plus a returnable deposit.


a) The Committee does not accept liability for loss of, or damage to any property belonging to the hirer.

b) Use of the Hall and its amenities is permitted entirely at the hirer’s own risk. The Committee shall not be liable for any personal injury, or consequential loss to the hirer, otherwise than as a result of the defective condition of the Hall or its equipment, or the negligence of the Committee.


a) comply with all reasonable requests of the Committee.

b) pay to the Committee, on demand, the amount of any damage (except that from wear and tear) caused by the hirer to the Hall, its fixtures and fittings.

c) indemnify the Committee against all claims for infringement of copyright, or breach of legal licencing conditions, at the Hall.

d) vacate the Hall at the agreed time shown on the booking form, and leave the area used, in an orderly condition.

e) refrain from conduct which causes annoyance to other users of the Hall, or to nearby residents.

f) advise guests of the whereabouts of fire exits.

g) keep signed fire exits clear of obstructions at all times.


a) bring dangerous or noxious substances into the Hall.

b) bring animals into the Hall, except guide dogs and those attending training classes.

c) alter fittings eg thermostats.

d) use the Hall for a purpose other than that

specified on the booking form.

e) sell alcohol (unless a City of York Council Temporary Events Notice is obtained) or permit  consumption of alcohol by under 18’s.

f) receive radio or TV transmissions on devices that are plugged into  the Hall’s mains power supplies. We do not have a TV/Radio License.  Hirers who wish to receive transmissions must have their own license, and use their device’s internal batteries .


The Committee reserves the right to  terminate any Hire early if

a) the function being found to be of an objectionable nature.

b) the Hall is unfit for use due to damage, power failure or similar.

The committee may refund all or part of the hire fee in such cases, but will not accept any other liability for compensation.


Any booking fee which has been paid by the hirer will be refunded, providing seven days notice of cancellation is given to the Booking Secretary, before the hire period was due to start.