Hallmaster Electronic Diary Guide

A provisional Booking Request can be made from the Diary Page. It will not be confirmed until the Booking Secretary has checked & agreed it, and until the hire fee and returnable deposit have been received.

Check if the room you wish to hire, is free on the desired day.

Red highlight = fully booked. Orange = partly booked. Green = fully available.

Click the + symbol against the orange or green highlighted room, and date you wish to book.

A Booking Request form will open.

If you are booking for the first time,
complete the LEFT hand boxes
Note the password you have chosen.
If you have booked before
complete the RH boxes.
A password reset can be requested.

Once you have submitted this, a detailed booking request form opens.
It will ask for more information. See the next page for guidance.

If you do not have an email account, please contact the Booking Secretary, preferably by text message. Contact details on the website. She will process the booking and reply to you direct.

Main Booking Form.


All available rooms will be shown. Click the box(es) for the room(s) you wish to hire.


Name of your event


Hallmaster uses the 24 hour clock. A booking from 4pm to 7pm should be entered as 1600 (start time) and 1900 (end time).

Start date & time.

Click the Calendar to set the start date, then click the Clock to set the Start time.

The Start time must be at least 30 mins after a previous booking ends, to avoid conflict.  

End date & time.

Click the Calendar to set the end date (same as start date) & the clock to set the end time.

Please include time at the start & end, for setting up and clearing up. 

Recurring events.

If you want to book a recurring event eg a weekly class, the Start & End dates above will represent the first occasion. Tick the “Recurring Event” box. Complete the additional information.  A range of dates will appear. Delete any not needed eg school holidays if you only meet in term time. Individual dates/times can also be amended.


Please select the most appropriate title from the drop down menu.

Line Items.

This section is currently not being used.


You can include as much or as little information as desired here eg ticket prices, weblinks.


Public –the Calendar will show the event name, description and contact details.

Private – the Calendar will show the event times only plus “Private Hire”

All requests appear as “Provisional” until changed to “Confirmed” by the Booking Secretary.

Numbers attending.

This field is optional.

Special requirements.

Eg Hire of Projector, portable stage, lighting and sound.

Terms & Conditions of Hire. 

Check these details (shown elsewhere on the website) and click the box to agree them.

Save Booking.

Click to send the request to our Booking Secretary. An email reply will advise payment details for a £50 deposit plus the hire fee, key collection etc. The booking will be confirmed once the deposit and hire fee are both paid.

Amendment & Cancellation. 

This can only be done by an administrator. Please email us via the “Enquiries” tab on the RHS of our home page.